About Our Lights
We began our first computer controlled light display in 2017 with a simple 16-channel display that had light strings on bushes, our tree, and the outline of the roof.  Fast forward to 2020 and it’s probably about time for an intervention! We have tons of lights and have even convinced our amazing neighbors to get in on the fun! They now have synchronized trees and houses up and down the street, so stop by and enjoy the show!

Our house in 2019

Why do you do this?
It’s my brother’s fault!  He has had an incredible computer controlled light display in Virginia for over 20 years.  I always said that I wanted to do that, but just never got around to it.  Now that I have, I see why he has so much fun!  I love building props and the electronics that run the show, so it has become a great hobby, and you can even shop in our store for some of our designs.

The Original Busbee Christmas House in Richmond, VA

Interested in finding out how all of this works?  Click HERE for a view behind the scenes information or send us a message using our contact form!

Current Shows:
Richmond, VA – 112 Channels
McKinney, TX – 31,602 Channels
Tampa, FL – 16 Channels
League City, TX – 16 Channels
Roswell, GA – 16 Channels – New in 2020!

Our McKinney, TX show by the numbers:

Houses with lights4+411
Custom Controllers
AC Controllers4311
Pixel Controllers2220
Raspberry Pi
Individual LightsWe gave up counting!10,000+4,2701,750
New Props20′ Light Towers and Stars
Additional Houses
Online voting for the next song
Online control of outdoor speakers
Online control of snow machine (weather permitting)
Spiral Trees
Singing Faces
Pixel Bushes
House Outlines
Pixel Yard Outline
TV Tune To Sign
Wands & Bracelets
Additional Houses
Candy Canes
Windows & Doors
Yard Outline
Pixel Tune To Sign
1st Year
8 LED Bushes
Roof Outline
Tree Lights
Songs35 To Choose From!16116